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The vision of JADDS Human Resources Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is providing reliable services to both clients and job seekers.  Firmly stand against exploitation and Human Trafficking worldwide.  Our vision is to mobilize the right candidate at right place and on right time. JADDS HRMC has always been committed to uphold the principles of transparency, Integrity and Quality of Service.  Honesty and reliability will never be compromised.   We strive to remain second to none.

Our mission


We, JADDS Human Resources Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd manage Human Resources on behalf of prospective Clients and provide expert advises to suit and overcome every Human Resources and Engineering situations.

Behind success of every project, effort and hard work of Human Resources will have paramount importance and will always be second to none.  Every organization desire to have skilled and competent people to make their organization proficient and be the best.   We, JADDS HRMC strives to provide the best fit suits the aspirations of the Clients.

Human Resources are crucial assets for any organization, although today many tasks have been handed over to artificial intelligence but they lack judgement skills which cannot be matched with human mind.

Our commitment


JADDS Human Resources Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is specialized in Human Resources Management and associated welfare services for mega projects.  We are specialized in Project Management and Engineering Services fully committed to satisfy the expectations of valued Clients who are looking for dedicated and honest services and aspirations of job seekers as well.

We, are committed to No discrimination and equal opportunity policy.  We provide the same opportunity for hiring, advancement and benefits to everyone without discriminating due to, but not limited to, Age, Sex / Gender, Ethnicity/ Nationality, Religion, Disability and/or Medical history and we give everyone the chance to work in an environment where their rights are respected.

Our Service


We are specialized in the following fields;

  • Project Management & Control

  • Planning & Progress monitoring,

  • Engineering CAD Services.

  • Human Resources Management,

  • Project Administration and Camp management

Supported by respective field experts, our complete end-to-end Engineering services cover all aspects of Project Control including Engineering CAD services, Planning and Progress monitoring, Procurement & warehousing and Contract Administration and interfaces with all stake holders.

With our highly skilled team members that represent wide range of expertise; we can provide exceptional service, regardless of the complexity or size of your project.  Our services are extremely reliable and extensively acknowledged by the clientele for their proper management and perfect execution.

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